Sunday 30 September 2012

Great Sentence of the Week #8

Again - to put it into context - I've included multiple sentences. They come from a beautiful article by William McInnes in today's Sunday Magazine - a tribute to his late wife Sarah Watts. If you've ever owned dogs, or are a dog person, I think you'll relate.

Ray and Delilah are our two dogs. Kelpies. Silly as wheels and lovely beyond all description.

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  1. I love this quote from William and Sarah's book "Worse Things Happen at Sea". Sarah talks about her love of water:

    I can’t be sure when or where my love of the water - watching it, being in it, painting it – began. But I can’t imagine it ever being unimportant to me. I love its cycle, moving from rivers and oceans, to clouds then rain, tides linking to the phases of the moon and the moon to the stars. If I can’t figure out what everything else in the world is about, I can always be calmed by the simultaneous predictability and unpredictability of water and the weather.