Thursday 31 May 2018

Friday 11 May 2018

Reflections of Elephants

What happens when Bradley Trevor Greive AM, Mark Tredinnick, Ashley Hay, Christopher Reid, Tony Park, and a herd of experts, writers, poets and animal lovers put their words to some of the most amazing elephant photography ever?

Something very special. And all proceeds from sales are donated to the Askari Project, saving the last great Tuskers of East Africa.

Google Reflections of Elephants to find the best retail deal on this amazing book.

Fiction Flirtations

It's always a challenge, turning the words of an expert into literary prose. So, with a nod to Lou Grossfeldt...

You make no sound. You are slow and deliberate. With experience, you come to understand you can never truly hide from them. After millennia here, they have the advantage. You’re a trespasser in their world. In time you learn their rules, and you comply. Hiding yourself is a mistake. Predators hide. Danger lurks unseen. So you stay in their view. When you are visible and non-threatening, you can progress. Day after day you repeat the process, until you become a forest fixture. That’s the plan.