Thursday 27 September 2012

A foray into verse

I'm not a poet, though I sometimes wish I was. Anyway, despite this limitation, something I saw and heard - and photographed - at Taronga Zoo yesterday sent me into free verse.

I apologise in advance....


I listen to them;
children whooping and laughing and making jokes about the funny monkey.
Lying on his back,
sleeping in the sun
making funny grandfather faces.
They laugh like they might burst.
It strikes me as disrespectful.
I watch him;
hard-wired super computer in a hair-triggered killing, fighting, fuck machine.
He swaggers away,
huge testicles swaying
like ripe black avocadoes.
He could tear a child in half.
There should be more respect.


  1. Can you relate? Children think your funny too. I know my niece did.