Saturday 7 July 2012

Words and Art

Bernie Meyers is an artist friend. A very talented lady. Her work hangs in my office. Stirs my heart. I wrote this memoir for a piece of hers.

In the forest is a circle of life.

A circle of life, lifted from a pallet of rainbow colours.
Colours as old as life itself
Colours mixed by the Master painter.
When the spring rains are good, new growth paints the forest canopy in gold and pink and scarlet.
Mature leaves grow and harden and turn a thousand shades of green.
Eventually older leaves turn, not by the change of season, but in their individual time.
They return to the colours of their youth.
And then they fall, to carpet the earth in gold and pink and scarlet.
And with their brown bones, they lay a foundation for the next generation.
In this circle of life.

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