Saturday 14 July 2012

This week...

It's been a big week.
Have you ever had those? Good and bad. Happy and sad.

Saying goodbye to friends. Starting a new enterprise. Lamenting problems with your writing and then being shortlisted in a national competition. Learning how to use a Kindle. Finding out your story has come runner-up in that competition and will be published. Remembering to breathe...

Maybe it's time to head off for a while. Stare at a beach. Walk on one as well. Go whale watching. Stare into the eyes of a lion or two. Listen to Siamangs shatter the dawn. Watch red earth kiss blue sky. Sit under a big sky and feel insignificant. Follow a river and find her confluence.

And write about it all.


  1. Congrats Dave! Great news about the story.

  2. That's great news Dave!!
    Somebody was using your old work extension today...and they called me. Seeing your name come up on the screen was really sad Dave. It is such a different atmosphere without you.