Monday 4 August 2014

A Foray into Facts

I never really wanted to write non-fiction. To me, non-fiction is work. It’s earning a crust, or making a dollar ... insert your own cliché. Fiction was always my thing. In fiction you can play make-believe. It’s your own personal world – your very own little lies. But somewhere along the line, I decided to write some truth. I made the foray into fact, I discovered some amazing people, and knew their stories needed to be shared...

Snake Catcher hits the stores in the next week or so. It was a book born of an idea; born of a hunch; born of a following. It’s a book for reptile lovers – or not. It’s a book for animal lovers – or not. It’s a book for people who like a good story – and doesn’t everyone like one of those?

Tony Harrison is the Gold Coast snake man – though this is a term we mere mortals can no longer use; perhaps that will be the subject of a future edition – and I’ve long been fascinated by Tony’s work. His passion for reptiles. I’ve subscribed to his YouTube channel. His videos are informative and entertaining. Unique. Nothing else I’ve seen is quite the same. As I watched his stories, I thought they were the kind of truths I might be able to write. Conservation through story-telling. So I made contact. We hatched a plan and we found a publisher. And that project reaches its zenith very soon... when Snake Catcher reaches our shores, and gets to meet her public.

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